06 July 2010

3 years down!

May and June are busy months for us. Three of our four children have birthdays and so it's a lot of parties and of lot of blog posts :) But then we've got a five month break before Joel and Abigail have theirs.

So I'm here to rejoice in our son Benjamin, who at the end of June, turned 3. Ben is amazing. He's the one man show at our house so much of the time. He gets out of trouble a lot of times because of his charming smile. However he gets in his fair share of trouble--- the time out chair is no stranger to him. He rivals Gene Simmons with his long tongue. And he is growing so much since his surgery last November. He puts himself to bed almost every nap and bedtime. He loves his sleep. I cannot imagine our lives without Ben (well, maybe when he's throwing a tantrum in Target the thought *might* have crossed my mind).

Enjoy some pictures of Ben over the last three years:

While not my biggest weighing baby, Ben wins for length. He was 22in at birth.

Collette has always taken good care of her baby brothers, even when she was so little herself.

Yes, his eyes have always been that big!! (and there's a hint of him from the beginning always sticking out his tongue)

Such a happy kid

Even though Ben doesn't look like he eats a lot, he does love food

Here's Ben at his second birthday (it was very very small...I had just come home from having Gabriel 3 days before)

Secure in his manhood, Ben has no problems playing with the girls (it doesn't help that he is completely surrounded by girls...hopefully Gabriel won't have these pictures to embarrass him someday)

Just because I had one just like this for Gabriel, I thought I would do the same for Ben--playing with Dad

Happy 3rd Birthday Ben!!! (enjoying chocolate cake with his good friend, Macie)

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  1. Congrats Ben. You have grown into your eyes. You look like a little boy and you are one. All that growing makes a guy tired. Happy B day again.
    Love, Grandma