01 July 2010

Gabriel turns 1

Warning: photo heavy...but for good reason :)

Our baby boy Gabriel has lasted through this family for a whole year so far. We love this little boy who is generally so happy and tries so hard to be big like the other kids. He thinks life is funniest when pestering his brothers and sisters. He loves to refuse to eat in his chair and would rather be outside eating dirt while I'm watering the garden. Here is a look back at his first year.

Here's me waiting for Gabriel to make is debut

And here's what I was waiting on...all 9lbs and 5.2 ounces

Here he is about 8 weeks old in his first photo shoot.

A little later in the summer (maybe around 3 months) he's waiting patiently in his car seat while the big kids swim in a pool

He's got skills...sitting up like a champ--around the end of his 5th month

He's playing with Daddy here around 8 months

I had a good time playing with his hair one day.

He tried to rival Abigail in his walking skills. He took his first steps just days after his 9 month mark. Though he loved to hold onto Mom until about a month ago

While fully walking, without even wanting assitance by this point (11 months,) this is the fate of much of Gabriel's life, to be in the loving arms of his sister.

Here he is at his first birthday party...pretty unaware of why all the people were at the house but happy to play with friends.


  1. Fun photos of Gabe! And is it just me, or was that the fastest year ever? How are our babies one already? Crazy.

  2. What a stud! Love those eyes!!!!

  3. I looove the one of Collette holding him. His face is priceless! Like this is his lot in life and he's tolerating it. Meanwhile, Collette is in heaven.