05 September 2009

Some more vacation time

We did a lot more during the week Joel took off than just Santa Cruz. But that's all we've had time to post up to this point. After Santa Cruz we took the kids and Brooke to go see Berkeley, both the city and where Dad went to school (Go Bears!) as well as San Francisco. Another jam packed day but lots of fun. Here are some of the highlights of our trip: We ate. A lot. A lot of really good food. Oh, and we saw some cool sites. Here are some of the sites and a lot of the food:

Here Ben and Collette are eating some delicious creme puffs we got from Telegraph St. in Berkeley. Yumo!

Showing off Daddy's school.

Go Bears!! Never too young, right?

Mmmm~ digging into some Blondie's pizza

The adults are digging into some delicious Vik's Indian Food.

Off to Lombard St. I like this shot only because it's hard to get a good shot of Lombard from the car but I think you can get the idea in this one and the kids really want to go to Coit Tower someday which you can see in the distance (ok, if you click on the image)

We then went over to Pier 39~ mostly to see the sea lions but to enjoy all the touristy stuff over there...both for our kids and for Brooke.

I like this shot of Ben and Joel. Ben looks so coy here.

Here are Abigail and Ben checking out the boats in the Marina

And lastly, the reason we stopped by~ to see the sea lions. I think our kids were the loudest kids there. No, not loud like running around screaming or anything. Loud like, "I need to connect with the sea lions and make the most obnoxious sounds possible that sorta sound like a sea lion in the event they mistake me for one and come this way." Yes, that's exactly what it sounded like. Don't doubt me.

Ok, that wasn't exactly the last thing we did. We went and ate one more time at a spot right on the pier. Nothing spectacular after what we'd been eating previously but it was good and the kids had a great time with Abigail's new surfer friend (she's holding his hand?).


  1. What a fun trip! Your kids are so cute! I'm so impressed with all the activities you do even with four kids! You are amazing! I'm excited for Thursday too!!

  2. I kinda like the surfer guy too ;) - I am so jealous of Blondie's!! Um, how else would your kids ever get those 600 lb sea lions to come towards them if they don't "call out" to them? Duh! you are so uninformed!

  3. Seriously - the bit about the sea lions is the funniest thing I've read all week. I'm with Mindy on this one. There's no communing without communication.

  4. That looks like so much fun! I would love it if you told me the best time to come out there. We are trying to make a list of places we would like to visit and the best times to visit them.