11 September 2009


My conversation with Abigail today:

Abigail: Mom, my friend Faith who's fat showed me this tree...

Me: Umm, stop right there. What did you just say?

Abigail: (repeat first line)

Me: Abigail, we NEVER define or describe people by their weight. That's not ok.

Abigail: Ok, sorry, Mom. So, my friend Faith who has a big tummy showed me this tree at school...



  1. Ok, seriously. How do you get them to not do that, without making such a big deal out of it that you are in fact, reinforcing the fact that being (insert adjective) really isn't good and is embarrassing? I have run into that problem here. I have also, inadvertently, reinforced a certain body style because it is not socially taboo to remark on how thin someone is. Still trying to backpedal that one. Ideas?

  2. I feel ya, Kristy. I feel like there's been many times where this has been a problem. For example, when Abigail asks why she can't have hot lunch at school and I tell her it's not healthy. But she pushes it and it's hard not to say that it can make one fat. And you're totally right! I reinforce the skinny body style inadvertently all the time. I haven't figured out how to work that one out perfectly yet. But when I become the perfect Mom, I will totally let you know!

  3. Dallin has the same problem. So funny!

  4. Leave it to kids to tell it as it is!
    That is too funny.

    I focus on the "healthy" not weight. As long as we are eating right and getting in exercise we are good!

  5. I will never forget when Paige asked a very large girl about why she had such a big stomach. The girl told her that it's because she eats too much cake (while she was eating birthday cake). We had a very specific discussion after that about being polite. Hard one! We have talked about being overweight is being unhealthy - but she loves to tell me how skinny she is - that one's even worse - I can't get her over that one.