16 September 2009

Collette's excuses~ gotta love 'em

Anytime I ask Collette to help me around the house, she almost ALWAYS has a reason why she can't. Here are just a few that I have heard over the past week or so.

1. I can't, I'm hot

2. I'm too tired

3. I need to watch a show

4. I have to color first

5. No thanks

6. I want to hold Gabe first

7. But I don't want to

8. Why? Is someone coming over?

9. Can you do it for me?

And my favorite this past week (drum roll, please...)

10. I'm busy growing.


  1. What would it be like if these were legit excuses? Oh, to dream.

  2. SO funny! (my personal favorite is "I can't, I'm hot")

  3. This totally made me laugh. I can just hear Collette saying these things!

  4. I think Collette and Hyrum were separated at birth, but Hyrum does ask why Paige can't do it - a lot! The growing one is a classic though - that one should be legit!

  5. My favorite is "why? Is someone coming over?" because that's my personal philosophy regarding chores! I think Collette and I would get along just fine.

  6. I smiled and saw my second child as I read them. I am surprised she doesn't ask why her siblings can't do it. That is frequent in our house.

  7. My personal favorite? No, Thanks. I want to use that whenever someone asks me to do something. Does it work?

  8. Laura, your Colette is a scream. That last one is too funny! Thanks for the idea about the sleep number mattress---we'll have to check it out this week!