30 May 2008

Yeah, Summer finally feels here!

Today the kids and I went to the pool with our neighbors. It was the first time so far that I've really felt the excitement of summer here. It was a fun day~ the kids swam in the pool, played at the splash park, flew down the slip and slide, and jumped in the jumpy houses. When we got home we had a picnic on the lawn with our neighbors. It was just great to be outside enjoying the day. Here are a couple pictures from today~

Here are me and Ben-his first time at the outside pool. He really did like being around the water. I was amazed how quickly he went crawling around to play with all the water spouts.

Abigail took this picutre and asked that I put it in the blog. Here it is:

And here is Collette, albeit a cropped photo, I had to get her in!


  1. Abigail did a really good job. You look really pretty. I am so excited to go to the pool. It has been so hot outside here.

  2. Stephanie, you can leave a comment anytime you want on my blog!!! Thanks :)