31 May 2008


I just thought I would post about Ben this time around. Ben is such a great baby. He is a "smile on demand" baby as our friend Matt says. He's easy to make laugh and my first baby that loves to cuddle. He's a busy guy and loves to demolish anything the girls have built. He's into sticking his tongue out at me and is the biggest Mama's kid I've had so far. However, among all of Ben's great qualities, he has health issues. He throws up all the time, he's been sick more than half his life, he has tubes in his ears and still manages to get infections, and the boy can't gain weight for the life of him. In fact, Joel ordered his medical records and while going over them, I saw for the first time our dr. had put in them he is "failure to thrive" right now. He is in the zero percentile for his weight. His height is like 30% or something. We love having him with us but I sure hope someday, all the sickness goes away. Here are some pictures of our great Ben!!

He loves to crawl into the dishwasher while I'm doing dishes. Usually he pulls dishes out but he likes to crawl inside as well. I'm pretty sure I have gotten a safety violation from Abigail about this.

Here's him sticking his tongue out at me:

And just 'cause he's soooooo cute!


  1. What a sweetie. It must be the name haha. I am so sad for you that he has had so many health problems. I hope he gets feeling better soon. And gaining some weight. He looks good and adorable.

  2. hope all is well with Ben...is Joel drawing any new conclusions from the records?

    love reading the posts and keeping up with y'all from out here.

    thanks for posting so often

  3. Laura,
    Macie is the same way. She's not on the charts anymore for weight and I'm not sure about height. She has reflux and spits up all the time (she used to spit up whole feedings 2-3 times per day). And now she gets constipated a lot--if it's not one end it's the other! I just stopped breastfeeding and switched to formula for a few reasons--one being that it's impossible for me to measure how much she's eating if she's breastfeeding. She's on medication which has helped a lot. Ryan had tubes in his ears. He had chronic ear infections which wouldn't go away. Then an antibiotic he was on triggered a terrible bacterial infection in his intestines which, along with rotavirus, put him in the hospital for 5 days. Anyways, I know this is the longest comment in the world but I just wanted you to know that I know how it feels. And it should get better. Eventually:).

  4. Thanks, Kim! I will just hope that ours gets better sooner than later. It's taking a toll on us...thanks for sharing your experiences. It helps.

  5. He was actually listed as 'potential' failure to thrive (FTT). We're being sent to specialist. First, GI, then immunology (at least, that's what the doctor noted).

  6. I had no idea Benjamin had ben so sick! He really is adorable though--I love the dishwasher picture. So I am jealous you met Stephenie (we are on a first name basis) I just finished The Host and liked it quite a bit.

  7. hi laura! thanks for looking us up :) sorry to hear ben is having so many issues, we hope they clear up soon. your blog is cute, and we'll be adding it to our page!