28 July 2005

Web authoring

Well, I’ve done it. I finished the site. I mean, I almost finished the site.

Ok. I finished authoring the site. I just need to fill it in with content. Take a look at my life under construction at joelman.org. Considering my life is under construction, it is no wonder that parts of the site remain under construction. Get it? ah, phewy.

I’m working on my computer skills as I hope to get a job somewhere—anywhere. I’m mostly looking in the research field, but I would be open to almost anything. Hence, my drive to learn more stuff about computers. A long time ago someone told me I should just be a computer programmer. He was right. Live and learn, I guess. We’ll see if I gain enough web authoring skills to be helpful. In any case, I’m having fun doing it. There’s nothing like going over something forever (at least, it seems like forever) and then finding that one line with a missing : or ; or } or even an incorrect value that changes the entire page. It is gratifying. Perhaps I’ll be coming to site a near you someday.