23 July 2005

Again, again

Abigail totally gets TiVo.

She’ll never sit down for an entire show. But she does love the music sequences in her favorite shows which include Sesame Street, Wiggles, Blue’s Clues (a new one for her) and Doodlebops. She doesn’t necessarily watch the entire show, but she’ll request certain parts to be replayed over and over. Whether they’re songs or short sequences, she gets that she can instantly watch them over and over.

This is thanks to TiVo’s instant replay button. The immediate 8 second flip-back that allows its user to always review any television—nothing is to be left unheard or unseen.

But the instant replay isn’t just there so Abigail can replay her favorite song of the day. Nope. It is for her favorite commercials too. For instance, she loves a pet food commercial that features a cat stalking prey as the song chants: “in the jungle, the mighty jungle…” Perhaps my favorite is her fascination with the out of work raiders looking for jobs elsewhere as everyone gets a new “hassle-free” credit card. Well, she demands to watch the guy repairing aerial electrical wires, getting shocked and falling down. She thinks it’s halarious! Wow. We wonder about her sometimes.

Regardless, TiVo is a great thing. And hey, if you get one, mention I recommend it to you. Here’s my referral number: R4059189. Use it and I think I get a free coffee mug or something.

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