14 July 2005

Crib to bed transition

We’ve finally made the leap with Abigail. Her crib is one of those fancy-pants 4-in-1 cribs. It is no longer a crib. I don’t really know if it is a toddler bed or a day bed (what’s the difference?), but she’s clearly able to get out of it on her own now.

On Monday before Abigail’s afternoon nap, I “converted” the bed. As parents we worry that our daughter won’t stay asleep because she now has the option to roam freely. However, on Monday, when it was time for Abigail’s nap, I took her to bed and laid her down. I closed the door and voilà! Sleep! No. It wasn’t quite like that. But it was almost as easy. She got back up. Came into the kitchen and asked for a cookie. She had just had lunch, so I left her have the cookie and some milk. After finishing the first cookie, she pleaded for a second. I said, “No” and she whinned. I explained to her it was nap time and she wasn’t going to have another cookie. She was content with that answer (amazing in itself). I sat down and she went to her room. I was watching TV when I realized she hadn’t made much noise for a good ten minutes. And violà!—really. Asleep—for over two hours (a great nap for her).

And it has worked pretty well. She hasn’t really woken up and wandered around at night (as far as we can tell). And she’ll be content to play in her room without having to wake us in the morning for just a few minutes longer now that she decides when to get out of her bed. It’s nice. However, this afternoon she didn’t want to go to bed at noon. I think she got down at quarter past one. But it wasn’t a struggle. She just would keep getting up and we would tell her that it is time to sleep. So, she would go back and try it again.

I’m excited for Abigail. I love to see her become independent. It is a startling contrast between her and Collette, the needy little lump that gives an occasional rewarding smile to her caretakers. I’m sure that relationship will morph soon as she realizes those things that flap in front of her face are her hands.