18 July 2005

It's green!

Abigail has a penchant for calling things green. We’ve been working with her to learn her colors. Unfortunately she hasn’t seemed to learn them well and we don’t know why. It is hit or miss. Sometimes she’ll be dead on. Others—well, sometimes it’s just gotta be green.

I wouldn’t say green is her favorite color—it’s her favorite word for color. As a parent one ruminates on the possible reasons for this behavior. Are childrens’ young eyes still developing the color spectrum? Would she know the difference if we just concentrated on primary colors? Blue and red would be obvious while purple stays a mystery? Does she have a classification system beyond color? Is this the sign of exceptional intelligence? Is this a sign of, uh, slowness? Does she do this just to mess with her parents?

The questions go on and on. Though nothing really yeilds an answer. I mean, she’s a smart kid. She knows the words. Every time we sign the color she verbalizes it correctly. So, what’s the deal?

And then it all made sense.

You ever hear that thing, you know, sage advice, that your kids will be listening when you least expect it? And then they’ll emmulate the last behavior you want them to adopt?

I made a mad dash to Mervyn’s down the street to get some swim trunks (evidently, nows the time to buy, 70% off!). I was doing my best to be quick as Abigail was promised a trip to the pool. And Laura and I worry that the early evening will be summer thunder storms (we don’t swim when lightening is in the air).

On my way home I was turing right, behind a lady looking left for oncoming traffic. That’s fine, except there was no oncoming traffic because the light was, you guessed it—green! Being the vocally inclined driver that am I say (in a moderately gruff voice): “Go!” *honk*, “It’s green lady!” Oh, she went—she went as soon as I hear Abigail from the back seat say—”It’s GREEN!”

She says it because it is my favorite color.

Am I a bad parent? Laura reports that she’s also yelled (in a cute way), “Go, go, go!” to other cars on the road. Now, I would like to blame this all on Tucson’s lack of skilled drivers, however, I’m obligued to accept responsibility. And I’m inclined to think that kids don’t listen/watch/do everything the parent does—just the stuff that’ll come back and bite you someday.

Watch myself—always. Too bad my vision ’tain’t so very good.


  1. I read this every day. Just so you know.

    Hooray for the Joelblog!

    Comment by Jeff — 20 July 2005 @ 10:17 am

  2. Too bad I don’t write everyday. Thanks for reading! I just finished yesterday’s entry on Jude Cole. Just so you know.

    Comment by Administrator — 20 July 2005 @ 10:22 am

  3. Give the kid a break - she’s 20 months old!! Maybe she doesn’t care about colors or maybe she color blind or maybe she doesn’t see the value in learning about colors right now. Kids will drive you crazy….

    Comment by Jacque — 28 July 2005 @ 3:44 pm

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