05 June 2011

End of year patches: Brownies

Abigail has completed her first year of Brownies. She'll be doing a day camp later this summer. But, in the meantime, she had some patches to celebrate. Emily, her leader, is a super crafty and works really hard for the kids to have a great experience. Below you'll see Emily awarding Abigail with a slew of patches and, eventually, prizes for cookies sales.

We worked hard to make the girls scouts a good experience. I worked some of the cookie stands with the kids. I'm a pretty aggressive salesperson, getting some people that initially walk by to return a buy a box or two.

Laura hosted a cooking night where the girls made pizzas and other food. The picture below showcases Emily's craft, getting the kids to do pages for a scrap book, with photos from Laura's cooking night. I love the picture with Abigail's missing teeth enjoying the pizza.

Unfortunately, Abigail was a bit disappointed that she didn't get quite as many prizes as the other girls for cookie sales. We tried to explain that we (combined with Collette) outsold all the other girls in the troop. We just divide the spoils between two scouts, so it doesn't seem like we sold a lot.

Regardless, Abigail loves scouting and is proud of her accomplishments. And we are too!

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