26 June 2011

Sabbath conversation

On the way to church, Laura turned on the radio to listen to primary songs. The boys wanted the music off, because they preferred to watch a movie. The following comments were made:

Benjamin: Turn off the music!
Abigail: No, leave it on. I like it.
Gabriel: <scream>
Collette: I want the music on.
Benjamin: I hate this music!
Laura: Aw, Heavenly Father would be sad to hear that.
Collette: Yeah, and he would kill you.
<Laura and Joel laugh>
Laura : No, he wouldn't kill you.
Joel: Heavenly Father won't kill you.
Collette: Well, he wouldn't kill you, but the police officer would say "hey! You don't love Jesus?!" But Heavenly Father could kill you. But he won't.

Perhaps Monday we could talk about steadying the ark as examples where the disobedient do die. Or, maybe not.


  1. "Heavenly Father could kill. But he won't." is maybe the best thing I've heard in months. Her next talk in Primary has already been written!

  2. Thanks, Jen. Even as we talk about this, Laura starts to laugh uncontrollably.

  3. I think you should go with - nothing like the fear of God to manipulate children into doing what we want them to :)