29 June 2011

Birthday Parties: Gabriel & Benjamin

We had two fantastic birthday parties for Gabriel & Benjamin. First, we celebrate with family, including Nicole's birthday. Cupcakes were courteous of Nicole's mom, Christine.

The following week was the kids party. Benjamin controlled the invite list on this one. There was swimming, bounce house, piñata, cake, and presents. Our kids really love presents. I swear, Benjamin wouldn't quit talking about what he was going to get. Though, not nearly as focused Collette was just a month ago. You can see how excited Benjamin was to get an iron man costume and Gabriel was happy to play with Finn McMissile.

We like to play it dangerous and allow the kids sometime in the hot tub. We use it as a "pool" and the kids enjoy taking a "swim." Look closely - that little one who thinks he knows how to fly in the water is Gabriel.

Slugging the piñata was great fun.

What superhero / star wars theme party would be complete without a superhero cake. Spiderman is cool. Cake decorated by Laura and me.

Gabriel and Benjamin shared the cake and each took turns making their wishes.


  1. This makes me laugh. I think that we might have the same boys living in two different houses. I made the same spider-man cake, only it has to be black spider-man.

  2. Stephanie, I often think the same thing when I read your blog!!