15 February 2011

Two down, two to go

So it's been really fun having the girls riding their bikes. They LOVE it. They always want to go for a family bike ride, and thanks to beautiful California weather, it's been possible many evenings after Joel's come home from work. It's staying light a little later and we put on some jackets, and we're off!

Also, riding their bikes has really, interestingly enough, united our street of kids. The girls are always out front riding around, Ben is always with them on his scooter and Gabe WILL NOT be left inside so we're all out there for a good 2 hours a day (again, when our weather is cooperating). And when we're out, it brings out so many other kids on the street. So there's often 8-10 kids out there playing, riding bikes, riding scooters, kicking balls, etc.

In preparation for my 10K, I would put the boys in the double stroller and Joel would ride along side the girls on their bikes, following me. One Saturday, we ran into our neighborhood Fire Department truck. The guys were super nice about letting the kids get in. They turned the engine on, ran the siren, and let us take some pictures. Thank goodness for a husband who loves to carry around our camera!

Here are the girls enjoying their moment in the truck-

Gabe was quick to slide right in and take his turn!

Ben, however, wasn't quite up for it. So he took a picture with Mom right next to the truck. He did get in at one point but wasn't up for the photo op.

And here's the lot of us--

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  1. That's SOOO nice to see happy employed firemen and, of course, the nice shiny truck with glowing children all around. It brings to mine the lines of Dr. Suess "and it should be , it should be , it should be like that!"