18 February 2011

It actually is addicting... kind of

So last Saturday I did a 10K. I did it mostly because when I did the See Jane Run 5K, I didn't feel challenged, really. I enjoyed the run and it was my first race so it was nice to go simple, I guess but I felt like it was a little anticlimactic. So then in September, I did the See Jane Tri with my good friend, Sherry. I liked that a lot. It was a lot more challenging and a lot more nerve racking going into something with so many changes and different courses. And I will plan to do that again come the fall. So, I decided to try out a 10K to see if
  1. I could do it
  2. If I liked it and
  3. If it would encourage me to do more.
And I did all 3! I did do it and for me, I was really happy with my time. I'm guessing I averaged around a middle-of-the-road time. Not fast, not slow. I finished in 58 minutes. I actually really enjoyed the race, which I didn't really know if I would because up to the day of the race, I'd never run 6.2 miles before. I would always get bored and just go home. Partly, I think, because I run alone. I don't have anyone near me that wants/enjoys running so I go it alone. Or sometimes I push my boys in the double stroller but after an hour, they are getting pretty bored in there. But they really do hang in there pretty well! And lastly, I'm totally encouraged to do it again--or even bigger! I think I'd actually like to set my goal on a half marathon. Just to say I've done it and know I can do it. I don't think I'd ever run a marathon. It doesn't interest me in the least. But, there was a time when running down the street didn't interest me at all either-- so I guess we'll see. Partly, I just don't have the time to run super long runs. Something about 4 kids and busy schedules and the general dislike I have of anything before 7am happening to my body. But maybe as more kids enter into school and I have a little more time to myself. I know, I'm sure I'm disillusioned about the amount of time I'm going to have sitting around with NOTHING to do :)
Anyway, here's a couple pics to celebrate my finish:

Crossing the finish line

Abigail was cute and was very proud of me!

The two runners-- My sister in law and me!


  1. Inspiring, Laura! Yes, it is like a drug - it used to be for me way back when :)

  2. I can totally see you running a marathon in the future!

  3. It is addicting! I miss that feeling. I hope to start running again this year. You look great and your family is so cute! Your boys are really getting big. It's sad how fast they grow up.

  4. Okay, so I'm thinking we start doing the half-marathon (or even 10K) training mid-July? I used to get my butt out of bed at 6 to train with friends...and once the baby is out, I'll need some serious weight-loss :)