16 February 2011

My little organizer

Yes, I am posting AGAIN. I feel terrible that for the entire month of January, we only posted once. This blog really does act like our journal. We print out our blog and it has served as a wonderful memory book, complete with pictures and neatly typed print :) So, I need to get in gear and blog our life away! So, I'll be attempting some back track blogs and play catch up! Bear with me...

Ben LOVES toys. I mean, really loves them. He could play with his toys, alone or with friends, forever. He just comes up with the best games and best storylines. And he also LOVES keeping things organized. He does not like when something is put away incorrectly. He often spends time organizing his toys into cool little ways. I should take more pictures of all the ways he organizes his stuff. But here's one way he did it other other day:

The hardest part of Ben's creative energy is keeping the little guy in the background from ruining it all faster than Ben can put it together!

1 comment:

  1. Is he for hire? Seriously. The toys in our house need some big organization.

    p.s. Love all the recent posts, and congrats on the 10K! You're turning into quite the race gal--I love it.