14 February 2011

Another one goes...

Collette has had a loose tooth for awhile now. She's just handled it so differently than Abigail handles her loose teeth. Collette has wiggled it religiously since she noticed it. Then, when she bit into something and it really became loose and rather annoying to her when she needed to bite down on food, she decided to take matters into her own hands. I was driving in the car one evening and I parked the car for just a few minutes. As soon as I parked, she walked up to me, handed me her tooth and said, "Here, Mom, can you hold this till we get home?" Like it was NO BIG DEAL!

I quickly asked her how it came out and was very excited for her. She responded with, "I just bit down on the seat belt till it came out." WHAT? Yup, she figured out a way to get it out herself and didn't think too much about it!

So, here's our next toothless girl:

We're now awaiting Abigail's other front tooth to fall out. It's getting dangerously loose-- but I can guarantee she won't be getting it out all by herself!


  1. hurray for Collette. Way to go girl!

  2. Collette is hard core - gnawing off her tooth with a seatbelt, wow!