17 December 2008

First Day of School: Abigail

Abigail's first day of school today. She starts kindergarten for the first time.

Both Mom & Dad were a little sad to see her off. It's the beginning of lots of new things, exposure to kids we don't know, etc... Abigail was a bit worried about making new friends, but both Laura & I think she has a knack for it.

Abigail gets a late start, because we just moved to California and needed to get in order her paperwork. There's not many first day photos that have a Christmas tree. Mom & Dad are still in a state of shock.


  1. It is a emotional moment. Laura's first day of school went something like this: "Bye, Mom, see you later." I'm still getting over it.

  2. Laura and were talking and both agreed that everyone likes Abigail - so the worries are usually more on the parents end than the kids'. Kids will flock to her - she's such a great kid. Everyone will be playing princess games in no time!