09 December 2008

Product of Boulder (or you can chalk it up to good parenting)

So Abigail and Collette are deep into a game of evil witch and her submissive servants. Abigail, as many of you may guess, is of course the evil witch. Collette and Ben are her servants. Many of you may be thinking, "what could she possibly use Ben for? He wouldn't be a very good submissive servant" and you would be correct. So she quickly dismisses him as a servant and tells Collette this (which is what the title* would be referring to): "He is of no use to us!!! But he is still a good boy. Go throw him in the recycling at once!!!"

*Boulder as a city has recycling containers everywhere~maybe more so than regular trash cans it seems at times and has city wide pick up of household compost. They are very eco-friendly.

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