07 December 2008

Christmas letter

Our December 2007 Christmas letter

As letters passed, we've announced new additions to our family. This year is no different. Benjamin was born 29 June - a healthy, happy boy with big eyes and a wide grin. The girls love him. Abigail will sing to him, and Collette will spend time entertaining and tolerating his grabbing and pulling at her hair. We thought their love for him might have faded as he grew older and not quite so little and innocent- but instead the more he can do- rolling over, sitting up, taking the toys they give him, the more they seem to enjoy him. Mom and Dad love him, too. He has been a joy to add to the family, an especially easy baby to make smile and laugh (though not quite the sleeper Collette was).

We've been in Boulder, Colorado for nearly a year now. We've spent a lot of time remodeling the kitchen - new cabinets, new floor, new ceiling, and lights. There is so much more we'd like to do but there aren't enough hours in the day or days in the week - and so on. Laura is tackling the girls room - removing wall paper, painting, etc.. and will enlist Joel to work while he takes time off in January!

Laura stays busy with many neighborhood and ward activities - not to mention three little children. We're a part of a great neighborhood full of other young children that get together regularly. Also, she's gotten serious about a book club. She has enjoyed all the books so far and recently blazed through a trio of vampire books in less than a week.

Joel has enjoyed working at Google in Boulder. The company has grown into a new building with more space and more people. The kids love going to Google and playing with the video, massage chairs, big bouncy balls, and the enormous climbing wall. Every once in a while we spend a Saturday afternoon spending family time at the office.

Abigail turned 4 in November and is doing great. She attends a preschool just two blocks up the street and enjoys it. She likes being the biggest sister in the house and often reminds the other kids of her authority. She's convinced of her princess-hood - wearing dresses, rings, crowns, and heeled shoes frequently. Maybe someday she'll get married into a royal family and support her aging parents. In California she would have started kindergarten in the fall, but in Colorado she'll have to wait one more year.

Collette is our busy body. She'll turn 3 in May and is often the source of humor in our house. She enjoys physical challenges (eg., climbing to the top of anything) and perseveres until she finally gets what she wants. She plays well with Abigail, and isn't as enthusiastic about princess stuff, but loves taking care of 'babies,' including Ben. She's like Joel - happiest at home with family.

We sincerely hope that your holidays have been enjoyable and fulfilling. Abigail was singing a song to us that she made up herself the other day. In essence, it was a song of how Jesus was waiting with Mary and Joseph in the manger for Santa to come. At least she's almost got the true spirit of Christmas! We pray that you all have found it in your homes and lives. Please continue to stay in touch with us.

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