25 December 2008

A Very Merry Christmas

It's the best time of the year! No snow in California, but lots of cheer.

On Christmas Eve the whole family gathered, including some guests at my parents house. I think the final count was 36 people. It was busy. The kids did the traditional hunt for presents - it was all wheels this years, with vehicles (bikes, scooters, etc...) for the young grand kids. We had dinner (mmmm, great food), exchanged 'secret pal' gifts, and grand girls all got princess dresses and danced the night away.

We stayed that night at my parents house so the kids could stay up late and enjoy the party. Santa figured out how to get the toys to the right place, because the next morning, the kids had full stockings. Here are some pictures of the kids enjoying this morning:

Girls with their scooters from the Christmas Eve hunt:

In the afternoon we played it pretty low-key, mostly hanging around - no formal dinner or anything (typical Headley tradition). I took the girls along with Kory to see the Harwoods. We went with Aunt Cyndi & Aunt Kory to see movies. Laura and I took the girls to see Despereaux, while the aunts saw something more adult (Frost & Nixon). The car ride was fun. Then, to end the night we pack up the cars and got tired kids home to bed. My Mom sent us home with yummy party potatoes. Laura and I will snuggle up now to watch a Christmas-themed movie.

I hope everyone had a great day. We sure did and have our wonderful family to thank for all the time and effort they put it to make it so fun.

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