15 October 2005

Scoring done

Yesterday I finished scoring for my fifth grade class before noon. It was nice to come home a little early and spend some time with Laura while the girls were napping.

The fifth grade is fun. I enjoy working with the kids. There just isn’t enough time in the day to to get all the information in they need. Really I’ve been concentrating on the basics, literature, writing and math. Having just finished a position as a seventh grade math teacher, I’m extremely sensitive to the fact that these kids need to learn multiplication division and fractions. The kids are fun. A few are always bouncing off the wall, but that I can handle. All of them are respectful and generally do what’s asked of them. My favorites, of course, really try.

Most days are fun. A couple of days ago we were working on word problems. It was one of those: “order these four friends in age from oldest to youngest.” One of the friends was Amir. This name being unfamiliar to the children, I tried to explain I knew an actor named Amir. I began to explain the many different shows he’s acted in and the kids ears peaked. It was amazing to them that I knew someone on T.V. They all asked for Amir’s autograph. It’s funny. He’s not even a recognizable figure to the children, but just because he’s on T.V. they’re fascinated. Amir urges all to tune into “Campus Ladies” on January 8th, only on Oxygen.

Collette is still sick. Her fever is controllable with over the counter drugs. However, she doesn’t sleep as well and seems just to feel a little rotten. She’s apparently has roseola infantum or sixth disease, a.k.a. exanthem subitum. It is a harmless viral infection (HHV-6, HHV-7, roseolovirus). This virus is found generally in children under three. A high temperature 102-104ยบ persists for up to a week and then a rash spreads from the trunk to the limbs. So far there’s no rash and the fever persists. This is day 5 of the fever. Hopefully it will subside soon so that Collette will sleep comfortably.