22 October 2005

No X-ray needed

Collette went into the doctor’s on Thursday because, even though it looked like roseola last week, her fever persists. And I’m pretty sure it was roseola. Her fever came down on Sunday and a mild rash broke out and migrated from torso to limbs.

Collette’s symptoms now include fever and congestion. At the appointment on Thursday the ears were checked, the throat was clear, a catheter was inserted, and a blood culture was done. That day no indicators were unusual. Yesterday our practitioner (Elizabeth) ordered an x-ray to be done to see if there were a sinus infection. Unfortunately our office never gave us the referral (we went down there, they were closed for training and I was tempted to shut off the power to get someone out of the building, but Laura didn’t think it appropriate).

So, the x-ray didn’t get done on Friday, as ordered. Instead we just had to wait til morning to get an appointment. But this morning Elizabeth called and said that it is clearly a urinary tract infection (UTI). Collette will have a twice-a-day, for ten days, antibiotic treatment. We’re glad we didn’t get that x-ray yesterday despite our indignation with the doctor’s office staff that wants to put everything off until Monday.

We’ll be glad to give Collette’s liver a rest from ibuprophen and tylenol. Elizabeth says that there was nothing we did to induce the infection, but perhaps there’s an anatomical reason. She’ll check at a follow-up in ten to twelve days. Regardless, the cause of most UTIs is never pinpointed. I wonder if her immune system was compromised with roseola which allowed bugs to multiply unchecked. We may never know.

If in two days the antibiotics aren’t taking effect we’ll be in the office again giving her shots of different, tougher antibiotics. Yipee!