21 October 2005

Fireplace! Fireplace!

This morning Abigail crawled into our bed at about 6. She’s made it a habit to crawl into our bed in the mornings. This morning it was just Abigail and me. Laura was off helping Collette get back to sleep from a night of congestion and continued fever.

Well, while Abigail was hanging out, she suddenly started saying, “fireplace — fireplace, daddy…”. I tried to agree with her. Last night mom had explained what a fireplace is after Abigail noticed it in “Goodnight, Moon.” I imagined Abigail was just remembering last night’s conversation. Then I realized she was pointing out the window. I glanced to my left and saw it. The sky was blazing red and orange. Sunrise was upon us and Abigail was noticing how “fire” bounced on the clouds.

The sunrise was indeed beautiful. But what was more beautiful how much Abigail loved it.

I think this is my favorite post.

Comment by Laura — 27 October 2005 @ 8:09 pm

A wonderful story.

Comment by jefito — 31 October 2005 @ 9:06 am