23 June 2012

Party for the boys

Since Gabriel and Benjamin have their birthdays so close together, we held a joint party. It simplified the planning since Laura will be at girls camp during their actual birthdays next week.

We had a lady bring by reptiles, which was the highlight of the party. Of course, there was the usual piƱata, bounce house, presents, and Laura's signature chocolate cake.

We all had a good time. Laura's cake was peppered with Star Wars figures all looking at a much larger Darth Vador. Since Gabriel constantly sings the Imperial March around the house, we thought we'd continue emphasizing the Star Wars theme. By the way, that's a 5 (Ben) and 3 (Gabe), not 53.

 Benjamin enjoyed the snakes. He said he didn't like the tortoise who was eating all our grass and plants around the yard (they're brand new!).

 Gabriel enjoyed some reptiles more than others. I think the tonge on the monitor was a bit of a fright for him.

This monitor (though that's not the name the handler used) was shedding. The kids thought it was cool to keep the skin. Yuck - it's like hording toe nails.

The turtle just wandered around the yard for most of the party. I shouldn't have mowed the lawn, since the turtle was happy to do it for me. Though, he also got to our strawberry plants.

Perhaps Laura enjoyed the company of the snakes a little too much. She got a kick out of them. The boa's eyes are blue because it is ready to start shedding his skin soon.


  1. Great idea for a party, I'll have to look for a reptile party planner around here. The back yard turned out great!

  2. We found this woman through our preschool. She's a vet tech and gets all these animals from homes that don't want them anymore. You should check with your vet.