02 June 2012

Lucky number 7

Happy, happy birthday, Collette! 

When we celebrated with her friends, we brought in a make up artist to do the kids faces. Collette loves animals, and little cute things. So, to get her face painted like a little kitten was a special treat. 

She's making her wishes and blowing out candles like a pro. 

Collette pounding love into a unicorn piñata, which then sheds candy all over the ground. The children are dutifully standing in safety against the wall.

Collette loves being a kitty along with her friends. It seems like they all got nearly the same treatment.

We didn't just have pizza, but also a rainbow of fruit for the kids - Laura put her heart into that decoration. Of course, the clouds are marshmallows.

Who doesn't love a good game of duck-duck-goose? Birthday girl along with Ben are in the center.

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