25 June 2012

Our last 3 year old

Happy Birthday Gabriel!

This morning, I started my week's vacation to cover for Laura as she tromps off to YW girls camp. So, it was just me alone with the kids to hang out today.

The morning started off with all of us singing "happy birthday" to Gabriel. He's a treat to have around. I still like to call him "face" since it seems like he knows he can get away with anything just with that smile of his. I feel like he's growing up quickly. He's having conversations with his siblings and adults, reasoning with them to get his way. Also, in the last couple of months, he's been potty trained, which make him ready for pre-school in the fall. 

So, today, we went to spend some birthday money (along with Ben) at the mall. They selected swords, axes, and maces in order to duel and show their toughness. Then, we went to his choice for lunch: McDonald's. Not only do they like getting toys with their meal, all the kids love the play structure. We finished up by going to the park for even more play.

The boys and girls played with the new toys and you see Gabriel sporting his batman shirt with cape. Sweet.

After all that, the kids came home pretty exhausted, and we all slouched on the couch and veg'd. Gabriel fell asleep after playing so hard. I think he enjoyed the nap (as did I!).

Our littlest one is growing up so fast! Happy 3rd birthday, Gabriel.

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