03 November 2010

Halloween mayhem

WARNING: Super picture heavy. Maybe a post only loved by grandparents

Holy Cow! I can barely catch my breath from all the activities we had going on for Halloween. I think it was like 7 activities in three days. It got very crazy around our house with all the costume changes.

The Saturday before Halloween our family went over to the pumpkin patch that my kids love the most. Because you get to hold baby chicks..that's all they cared about. I offered ALL kinds of fun, far away pumpkin patches but no. They wanted the one in a parking lot in front of a Sears. Here's a couple shots from there:

Just because I think this kid is pretty darn cute:

Here's Collette doing what she did for the entire time we were there. She stopped briefly to play some games with our family but went right back to the chicks. Yes, there is a chick in those hands of hers....

Abigail was pretty happy as well. She loved the time holding these little guys...And No, I have no idea who that other girl is in the picture. But she was in EVERY one of my pictures.

Ben thought the chicks/ducks were cool but much preferred the other "activities" at this parking lot pumpkin patch

We have some cute boys!

Thursday morning started the festivities with Ben's preschool parade/party. I, was already running crazy and forgot my camera. So...sorry Ben but we had a good time there!

Thursday afternoon was the Google Halloween party. It got a little crazier when our neighbor kids got locked out of their house. Their daughter is a great girl in sixth grade at Abigail and Collette's school and their son is in Abigail's class. So, I threw them in the car and we headed over to Google. Okay, so I don't have any pictures to show for this either...but it was a lot of fun and our kids and the neighbor kids had a blast.

Friday morning Collette had her kindergarten parade. I helped out in her class all morning so Joel showed up with Ben and Gabe and the CAMERA!

Here's Ben and Gabe waving to Collette as she parades around school

Here's Collette on the far right dressed up as the witch-- along with many other kindergarteners!

Then there was Abigail's parade later that day. And I did bring the camera but I can't find the pictures for it. I'll have to look harder but I don't think I got very good shots anyway...

Friday NIGHT was a family party. We had lots of soup and yummy rolls and we carved pumpkins. It was super fun!

Saturday morning was the school Halloween carnival. The kids had a great time. The had all kinds of games, a cash vault, and a cake walk which was a favorite of my kids. In the end, we only won one time. But look at that spread!

Gabe liked the basketball game. But the volunteers liked him and just kept giving him turns without tickets :)

Having a little lunch at the carnival. I love how Ben can't just smile...

Saturday night was our church party. The church party was fun but this is essentially what my boys did the whole time-- someone in our ward manages a Golf Land (miniature golf place) and brought a mini putting station. My kids were hooked!

I will be posting Trick or Treating pictures separately. For everyone's sake :)


  1. We are leading parallel lives! How fun! Check out our blog to see some of the same pictures with my kids (and some of yours too!)

  2. Laura, your family is so beautiful, I just love looking at your blog. I love that you guys are so good about keeping up with it and that you take pictures of so many aspects of parenting and childhood. Keep it up!

  3. I'm tired just reading about all that you did. No wonder you are as thin as a pencil.