21 November 2010

Birthday Party for Abigail

Abigail soon turns seven. Laura gave her the option to have a small party so that she could take a few friends to a movie or other (costly) event. When Abigail started listing the friends and family, it was clear this wasn't going to be a small event. She listed more than 20 children to attend her party. And, I think we got close on attendance. Instead of having a late morning party as we usually have, Laura planned it to start at 4 pm. That worked out great, though. We were able to prepare all day for the party, perfecting the cakes. Laura wanted to try fondant for the first time.

This was the cake Laura decorated - Abigail saw this design in a magazine and really wanted it:

And, here's the one I did:

The kids came into the house where I was filing balloons from a rented helium tank. These balloons became a game into themselves. The kids had tons of fun running around with the balloons. Gabriel couldn't stop trying to grad every new balloon I was blowing up.

Laura had all sorts of games planned with prizes.

We started with a guess on jelly beans - number in the jar. First guesses included 15, 30, & even 20 (Abigail's). I stopped the game, counted a section of the jar to help calibrate the kids, and they made new guesses. Still, they were low-balling, but Julia got to take home the prize by guessing 120. There were 317. Here's Aya seeing if Laura has written down her guess with Alexa looking on:

Laura included a 'memory' contest - a quick showing of items on a platter, then having the kids write down what they remember. Aya & Alexa tied for remembering seven items correctly.

Also, there was a hunt for sticks of gum around the house. Truman took the prize with finding three sticks.

Finally, the last contest was the cookie and cupcake decorating. Jada is expertly applying the buttercream:

Everyone won a prize for their designs:

Laura decided to put a whole new 'spin' on an old party game: spin the bottle. Though, this game was to select in which order Abigail was to open presents.

Finally, my favorite pictures - Abigail getting her cake and, eventually, eating it too:

Happy Birthday Abigail!

And, kudos to Laura for planning such an amazing party that we all enjoyed. It was never too crazy, despite all the kids in the house. Laura did a lot to make this day special, and we're all very proud of all her preparation for this party.

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  1. That had to be one of the prettiest kids' b-day cakes I've ever seen, Laura. You always do a great job with your parties. My boys had such a great time!