03 August 2010

My littlest helper

A little while ago Gabe was in his seat eating breakfast. When he's done and bored he starts throwing all his food off of his tray. So I try to get the tray fairly quickly so I don't have a whole new set of chores waiting for me. This day, however, I was just not ready for more pick up and so I got Gabe out of his seat and told him he had to help me clean up the mess he made. He started walking off (I assumed, rightfully, that he didn't understand and was going to take off to do other things) and I noticed that he was walking towards the vacuum. I usually use the vacuum to help clean up messes around the kitchen table. So he picked up the hose (which wasn't actually attached at the moment) and came back trying his best to clean up his cereal mess off the floor. He did not succeed in picking up anything but I gave him so much credit for trying that I did the rest :) Here's our littlest helper in action: