07 August 2010

Knock, knock...

who's there?

Knock-knock jokes have turned into a tradition in our family. When conversation turns into the silly, the knock-knock jokes appear. While we're all laughing, one of the children has to stop and say, "Wait. This one is really funny," and proceeds to tell a joke like:

Child: "Knock, knock"
Mom/Dad: "Who's there?"
Child: "Peach"
Mom/Dad: "Peach who?"
Child: "Peach poop"


I know. They really aren't that funny. But, the kids love it. And Mom & Dad laugh because it's funny they laugh. Punch lines include: peach toilet, peach and apple, peach moonahblahnah (yes, just a bunch of gibberish). Gabriel was trying to 'tell' jokes in his own way too. He has the right meter and knows when to laugh after his 'punchline.'

We even 'paused' (a timeout with no jokes) the fun so kids could get up and relieve themselves due to the long and hearty laughs. No one wanted to miss this fun. Benjamin looks a little distressed, but that's just him laughing really hard. And Gabriel has a bunch of watermelon all over, in case you're wondering about that mess.


  1. I love these nights. I think you captured the moments well, Joel.

  2. I know we were just talking about this, but that picture of Gabe really does look like Ben (although in general I think he's his own little guy!).