07 June 2010

See Jane Run part 2

So yes, I recently ran my first 5K. It might not sound like that big of a deal, it's not really, but it was for me because I really don't like running very much. I like exercising in many different ways, but I have never been a fan of running. So I wanted to see if I did a race, if it would encourage me to have a bigger goal for myself in the running area. And it has. I would like to try for a bigger goal and run a 10K next and see how that goes. I actually really enjoyed the race but I felt like it didn't push me to really really feel like I accomplished something big. So, I think in July, I will try for a 10K. And I think it would be fun if Joel would join me on a race for a lot of reasons....but he especially likes free stuff so I think he would appreciate all the fun free stuff at the end of a race! Here are a couple pics of before, during (the end is in sight!) and after. Turns out I came in 63rd for my age class (out of 231) and 283 out of more than 2000 for the whole race. I'll take it considering it was a race for women, full of women.

A big thanks to Joel and my sister for encouraging me to do this when I didn't want to. Well, I wanted to race but I didn't want to race alone and they encouraged me anyway. So, thanks!

We saw a couple of our friends during registration. Here's Rachel and Elaine (who I went up with) me, and Lindsay H from the Sunnyvale Ward.

Here's a quick photo op right before the we started running

I took a quick picture (while running) of the finish area. I was excited to get there to see all the fun stuff that happens after the race

And here is Elaine, Rachel, and me after the race showing off our new shirts! Thanks girls for going up together and making the race sooo much more enjoyable!


  1. Good for you! That is awesome.

  2. Good job! When I was running I really liked the 10k distance. I also felt like 5k was not very challenging, I felt like I could pretty much wake up any given day and run a 5k, whereas a 10k I actually had to push myself a little. It almost makes me want to start running again...almost! =)

  3. What made you quit running? I thought you were still into it.