23 June 2010


So many changes in our house lately. Each one of our children has had something big happen in the last week (or more in some cases)

I'll start with Abigail. She finished first grade. This started out a tough year for Abigail as her kindergarten class did not prepare her for what was expected of her in first grade. But she has done SO WELL this last year. She improved her reading enormously as well as so many other skills. I am sad she has to change schools again and make all new friends. She really bonded with three other girls in her class. But, knowing Abigail, she'll do great and it will be even better (for me, at least) knowing that Collette is at the same school with her. Here are a couple pictures from her last day of school. You ROCK, Abigail!!

Her class

These girls were the best of friends this year. I love the diversity in this foursome!

And Abigail and her teacher, Ms Sample

Collette "graduated" from preschool this year. She will start kinder in the fall. She has also done amazing this year. She worked really hard at school and can do so much. She can write anything I spell to her and quite a few things on her own (specifically, "I love you, Mom") Her school prepared her well for Kinder and I am excited to see her start. Here are a couple pictures from her last day:

Her teacher Miss Vivian. Ms. Vivian has amazing patience with all these kids!

Here she is during the singing portion of the ceremony

And "officially" graduated!

I don't have a picture for Ben, though I guess I could get one, but he is officially potty trained and has been for about a month, now. I'm pretty excited about this since I didn't really have a lot of energy pent up to get prepared for this but it just kinda happened. I'm not one of those Moms that has the energy to do big things for potty training. I just kinda expect them to do it. Some M&M's and I'm good. Luckily, three for three, this has worked so far!

Go Ben!

We also attempted to take Ben's pacifier's away, which had some really good days but in the end, he's still sleeping with it but it's out of the car and out of his mouth almost all day long AND he just never really asks for it anymore, except at bedtime, which is a HUGE improvement!

And Gabe is just not a baby anymore! He's much more of a toddler. He's walking 99% of the time and is trying hard to get some words out, though nothing clear comes out yet, except for Mama. That one he's got down pretty well!! With many teeth in now and eating all regular food and trying to keep up with his siblings, he's just not my "baby" anymore!

Another post to come about Gabe. He's hilarious in how he already knows just how to bug his brother and sisters. As child #4 you catch on quickly!


  1. I'm so jealous that Gabe says your name... I only hear Dada from my little one. Drives me crazy. We'll miss seeing you guys at Ellis next year, but the convenience of a school over your backyard fence can't be beat, I suppose.

    p.s. I want your camera! Your photos, especially the ones of Abigail at school, are so crystal clear and vivid.

  2. Nice! Someone notices that we spent a heap of money on a camera.

    Note that we don't know how to use it well. Folks that actually know how to use cameras make fun of us :)

  3. (those pics are great, I totally noticed!)

    Nice update Laura!!!!! Let get together this summer...maybe at the beach????!!