24 June 2010

He totally gets it

Ok, so here is a video showcasing Gabe's ability and enjoyment of harassing his brother. There are so many funny parts to this video but be forewarned it is long. Maybe not for grandparents or my sister, who I know will get plenty of enjoyment out of this, but for the rest of you, try to hang in there. For me, it's 4 minutes of funny.

I particularly love how Gabe shakes every toy he takes from Ben. I love how the gazillion toys that are on the ground are of no good to Gabe. Trash. I love how when he can't get to the toys anymore, he tries to overtake the entire train from Ben. And I love at the end how he just keeps his hands on the train to listen to the pain he is causing Ben. And I think it's hilarious how Gabe starts yelling at Ben. About how knows what....but clearly Ben has done something to insult Gabriel.

No, I didn't intervene on this. Do I look like a bad mother? Maybe. But Ben was kinda being ridiculous which helped me not intervene. And I wanted to capture, in true form, Gabriel's ability to really get to his siblings. You can sometimes hear me laughing in the background, though I tried to keep my entertainment contained because that would have only made Ben more upset. And really, that would just be mean.

Ladies and Gentlement, enjoy the show:


  1. I love how Ben tries to drive away with his toys, and Gabe continues to follow him! My girls are in for a real surprise when their little brother moves around with his own agenda!

  2. That was hilarious, I particularly enjoyed the driving away, Gabe chasing, and then the hand fight where Ben took off Gabe's hands over and over. Haha! I have to give your children props for not getting into a physical altercation, I'm shocked Ben didn't hit him.