13 May 2010

Up and running

When we moved into this house we were left with a housewarming gift so to speak from the previous owners. They left their hot tub. With a tiny bit of yucky water at the bottom. I don't think they ever used it. They were "pretty sure" it worked if we just bought a new power cord. At first, I wanted them to get rid of it before we moved in. But Joel easily convinced me it could be fun if we got it up and running. So, I agreed to keep it and see what we could do with it.

So, Joel dumped it over and took out all the really yucky stuff. I did a deep clean of it and then started searching places we could buy a new cord for it. We ordered a new one and kept our fingers crossed that that really was the issue. Those cords aren't cheap!

But it worked and after a few reading lessons on how to take care of a hot tub and trip to the local pool/spa shop we've got ourselves a bonafied working and relaxing hot tub! The kids are in heaven and have had so much fun the last two days. They are in and out of it a lot. Joel and I have had our share of enjoyment as well. We're excited about it and love that the kids have something that wears them out at the end of the day. Here are some shots of them enjoying it and then the after shot... what happens after playing in the water, a nice bath, and some comfy pj's!


  1. How FUN!!!!! Congrats on your working house warming gift!

  2. Nice blur effect. Looks like tons of fun. What a great housewarming present!

  3. Funny, huh? Laura didn't want people to know he has a pacifier in his mouth. (Oops, I guess everyone knows now!)