09 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

I just wanted to post about my Mom. I'm not sure if I ever have done a post just about my Mom. For Mother's Day, I thought I would let her know how much I appreciate her both for her to see and others (and since mail doesn't get delivered on Sunday, I have to give her SOMETHING today :)

There really isn't any way to write or tell the relationship with my Mom. I'm not even sure I can do justice on a blog post. But I want my Mom to know I love her. I'm so out shape on writing well, I decided to do a list for every year I've been on this earth of things my Mom has taught me or memories that have helped shape who I am.

1. She taught me the importance and enjoyment of a clean home

2. Acceptance of people for who they are

3. The importance of nuturing

4. Stand up for what you believe in

5. How to cook-- she's a great cook!

6. The importance of a warm chocolate chip cookie on a bad day

7. Every child loves a good story. She has taught my children this lesson already and often it's all my kids want her to do. Tell a story, Gma!!

8. When in doubt, go camping! We were always camping as kids. Probably more because it was the cheapest way to "vacation" but whatever the reason, my childhood is filled with camping trip memories and I love it.

9. Be educated.

10. Sound educated.

11. Don't sound self righteous.

12. She is the reason I can be a tad melodramatic at times. Yes, I'm calling it genetic.

13. She was always a great example of being in control of your money and managing it well.

14. That every once in awhile, skipping school and spending the day shopping with your Mom is more important than anything learned in school that day.

15. She taught me that the last thing I would ever want to do is try to talk to her while she's on the phone. I'll call this genetic as well. I can't stand when my kids try to talk to me when I'm on the phone.

16. She taught me how to be creative and use my imagination. Probably because we were the last generation of kids that were forced to play outside and not come home until street lights went on.

17. The importance of my sister. My Mom had the horrible misfortune of losing her only sibling to war. Through all the fighting my sister and I did, she always pointed out that she would one day be my best friend.

18. That taking a typing class in high school would be one of the best things I could do for myself. I believed her then and am so grateful now!

19. When you say you're bored, you'll get a handful of chores.

20. How fun an entire mud puddle city outside can be.

21. That crying just to cry is ok and needed sometimes. It's important to feel.

22. She taught me how to eat an elephant.

23. She taught me that “this too shall pass.”

24. A love for entertaining

25. She taught me to love books

26. She's a wonderful example of loving the aging generation. She appreciates them so well and takes such good care of them

27. After having children my Mom taught me that laundry can wait. Take a shower, feel good about yourself.

28. Respect is earned through love, trust, and patience not by demanding it.

29. By a wonderful example, my mom taught me how to be a great mother.

30. Go to church

31. My Heavenly Father loves me

32. My Savior and brother, Jesus Christ, loves me

Here's a picture of my Mom and me (and my niece Paige) on my graduation day from college.

Here is us at my wedding reception
From Laura & Joel's reception

And because it's mother's Day here are all the mother's in my immediate family. My sister, me, my Mom, and my Grandma. Love these strong women!!
From Laura & Joel's reception
Update: fixed the two wedding photos.

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  1. If anybody thinks I did not cry reading this does not know me.