26 January 2010

Good Times

This is a bit delayed. Well, almost a month delayed but I just wanted to post about the GREAT time I had catching up with some old friends. Joel and I met in our University Ward in Berkeley. And being that it was a young single adult ward a lot of the friends we made there also married within the ward and we have tried our best to keep in touch with some of them. We actually got four couples together that we've stayed in good contact with and met at our house just after Christmas. It is crazy that each of us were just single people going into that ward and now we're four couples with 11 kids! These are just all great people who Joel and I adore and we were so glad that we got to hang out for a few hours. Thanks everyone!!

Here are Joel, Dan, Keir, and Glen

Lindsay, Sherry, Tammy, and Me

Here's the lot of us!

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