22 January 2010


We took our kids bowling for the first time on Monday since we all had the day to spend together-thanks to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr (which as a side note we did do our traditional sit the kids down and make them watch the 15 minute "I had a dream speach" before we started the days activities).

So with Joel's brother and his family we went down to the bowling alley and had so much fun. I believe I came in with THE lowest score of the whole group (yes, including Ben and Nate the 2 year olds) and my only strike was when I was holding Gabriel in one arm (asleep) and bowling with the other. Even the group next to us cheered me for that feat!

Here are some pics- albeit horrible because they were taken from my iphone- of our bowling trip.

Here's Nate, Ben's closest aged boy cousin, waiting patiently as his bowl rolls down the lane.

Collette wanted to do it all herself. She did really well considering she didn't want anyones help or any use of assisted devices (see Ben's picture).

Here is Joel setting up Ben's "help". Otherwise it would take 10 minutes for Ben's ball to roll down the lane

And here's Abigail. Enjoying the activities. She did the best of the kids.

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