19 January 2010

Gabriel is still alive

I feel like I haven't posted about Gabriel in a long time. I feel badly. Poor subsequent children...However, it's been so long since I did any post at least I know it's not just him we ignore on here.

He is such a great baby. He deals so well with having to wait. A lot. And he loves to laugh and thinks his sisters are so funny. Unfortunately he is sick at the moment but is still the worlds best baby even sick. I think a lot of the fun of having many children is seeing how different they are from the beginning from each other. Gabriel is his own personality already. In a small way he reminds me of Abigail as a baby, not too quick to smile at everyone he meets but when he knows you, he likes to see your face- even if it's just to stare at it. Collette and Ben were super smiley babies. Collette especially. He definitely looks most like Benjamin and per my mother in law he is a dead ringer for Joel as a baby. He loves his Mom and enjoys pulling on Dad's face. I just can't stress enough what an easy going baby he is. I love having him around. Such a joy and he has such a great laugh! All of us around the house like to do things to get Gabriel to laugh. And the best part? He's chubby.

Here are a couple shots of Gabriel in action (albeit almost a month old now but I'm happy I'm getting a post done I don't really want to have to wait to load pictures off of the camera first).


  1. Yea! I was wondering if any of you were alive????b (LOL) Gabriel is adorable!! You are going to have girls knocking down your doors with those two cuties!

  2. Such a cutie! I can't believe you can fit 2 boys in your kitchen sink.