30 November 2009

Christmas Tree!

On Saturday we picked out the tree. We went up to Santa Cruz mountains to a farm higher than we're used to. It was very windy and cold, so the kids wrapped themselves up in whatever we had in the car. It was fun, but Abigail kept telling us to hurry up and cut down the tree (any tree) so we could get out of there. Of course, Laura picked the perfect tree - almost too big for our place, but not quite.
From Christmastime 2009
Laura and I brought it in on Sunday, and we started decorating with the kids. They didn't want to go to sleep, but we promised FHE would be spent finishing it up. We finished up decorating the tree and house tonight, ending with a lesson on the nativity for FHE (good talk about what a 'manger' is) and ice cream for dessert.
From Christmastime 2009

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  1. "It's beginnning to look a lot like Christmas" is now humming through my head. We've been planning to hit a tree farm this year too. It'll be our first time; we figure now that we have the van we should take advantage. Anyway, you've inspired me to start looking for our decorations and lights (that are somewhere in our storage)!