05 December 2009

Things are changing...

These are not significant changes in life. But things that to me are funny or just strange to see my children growing older. Here are two pictures that show how our house is changing lately:

This may seem just like my 6 year olds bed. Nothing spectacular. But oh, is it ever! Do you see the stuffed animal squished against the wall back there? That, my dear friends, is Piglet. And that, is where he usually stays these days. Which is soooo not normal. Not for my 6 year old who usually takes him places with her and if nothing else would never think not to sleep with him. And yet, there he stays lately. She has found other animals that she is sleeping with these days. Is she outgrowing him or is this just a stage?!

And these next two pictures are what my 2 year old son has taken a liking to lately. Finding some kind of chocolate around the house, getting scissors out of the drawer, and helping himself to some treats. I found these two bits of evidence when I woke up this morning. The door was closed so I opened it to see if someone was still sleeping. Nope, no one was sleeping but this was in the middle of the floor. I think it's funny he tries to "hide" his evidence, not by cleaning up, but by closing the door. Nice thinking, Ben.

1 comment:

  1. Piglet in a corner???????? Rue the day.

    Also, do those scissors cut hair? Just a thought since Abigail likes to teach Ben things.