08 November 2009

Abigail Gets More Teeth

Laura discovered that Abigail is getting here adult (ugh, I can't believe that wors can be connected to Abigail) teeth. Look closely you can see them behind her baby teeth (see arrow).

This discovery came at Church when Abigail saw that Truman had some new teeth. Abigail asked Laura when she was going to get new teeth. Laura decided to 'check' and was shocked to see the teeth coming in. Someone nearby had mentioned the same thing had happened to their child. They found out that it's no big deal. You just have to wiggle the front teeth until they fall out, and the adult ones will move forward.

In other news, I had this conversation with Benjamin while I was trying to get him out the door and into the car:

Ben: I want juice.
Me: Why?
Ben: For fun! [Ben starts to dance]

He's a pretty funny kid.

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