25 February 2008

A Great Time!

My sister and one of my niece's just came to visit us here in Colorado. It was such a great time. She spent a week here and we still didn't have near enough time to do all we wanted to do. Thanks so much for coming and hopefully we'll see you for Pioneer Weekend in July!

Here are a couple pictures from the trip.


  1. It's fun to see pictures of Mindy. Is that her daughter?

  2. Yes, her oldest. She has a son, Hyrum, who is just one month older than my 2nd and her 3rd is three months younger than Ben.

  3. The girls are getting to big!! Collette is adorable, and Abby is just as beautiful as you. Ben is the perfect mix of the two of you. I have now entered the blogging world. Not so great at it yet, but enjoying it.
    Miss ya - Love ya