17 February 2008

Sickness, Doctors, & Hospitals - Oh My!

Let me start by saying that I think everyone is feeling better now. Collette has a little cold, and we think Benjamin is feeling way better (who knows? he doesn't talk).

Our latest visit to the doctor's office (on Monday) resulted in antibiotics for the entire family. We all had streptococcus - and I had been in bed since Saturday night (the reason for the visit initially).

In all, between 7-11 February, we've paid 11 co-pays. That includes 5 co-pays for medication, and 6 for doctors' visits. Yes, that's only four days. Prior than that, we had been visiting the doctor frequently since returning to Boulder.

Benjamin has had fluid in his ears since October. After four rounds of different antibiotics, we've relented to getting him tubes. It's a minor surgery that was successful. It was difficult, however, for me to hold him until he was anesthetized and then lay him down on the table as if he were dead. The doctor showed me out for them to finish the procedure. The doctor mentioned that a lot of 'gunk' was removed from his ears and 'polyps' had developed. Ugh - mold fruiting in his ears.

OK - so lot's of doctors - but it seems we're all doing much better. I've been on 'baby bonding' leave from work. While I hoped to really have a little vacation, it was a blessing to be home and help out with all our recent hospital visits. Now that I'm going back to work on Tuesday, I hope that everyone is done being sick.

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  1. Joel,
    You should ask JP about that with all of Sam's MRI's with sedations AND his two different sets of ear tubes (yes, two!). He ended up having to do it because I couldn't keep a poker face with my screaming son looking at me wondering why I was helping these people inflict pain on him.