21 November 2007

Somehow the birds knew

On Saturday, Abigail and I went bike riding. We kept seeing the geese fly over head - getting out of Colorado.

Somehow they knew that it was going to be the first real cold week here. It's below freezing, and the snow is falling. The first snow of November (it snowed once in October, but was nice and sunny by noon). It snowed a little last night when Laura and I went ice skating for my birthday.

The snow really accumulated over night. The girls were quite excited and immediately got dressed to play outside. The first thing Abigail did was lie down to make a snow angel. She quickly got too cold to go outside. After warming up and getting gloves on - she went back out to enjoy the snow with Collette. Collette's a trooper - and would have stayed in the snow forever, despite her hands being cold.

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  1. vicki
    Welcome to parenthood, the place where you are never always right