30 November 2007

Playing with new features of blogger

Yesterday, I got a new phone - Blackberry 8320. That has a camera, and so I thought it time to active the mobile blogging feature I've noticed on my blogger dashboard. I took a few pictures of the kids last night, and you can see those posts below. The first one was of Abigail, but that didn't seem to go through right away, so I kept trying. Eventually three duplicate posts appeared (I've since deleted them). It would be nice if the blog could recognize dups and not post (perhaps hold them in a type of 'moderation' queue).

Also, I set up Laura's phone this morning. She uses a Motorola Razr, which works fine too.

I hope the picture quality is good enough. I really think this is a great feature. There's often those candid moments when we're out and about that would be nice to capture. This makes it much easier to share it with everyone.

Finally, I'm going to try out the YouTube, one click share to my blog. If you're coming hear everyday to check if there are new posts, you may want to try a reader (I use this one). Of course, you'll want to drop by here every once in a while to leave a comment (so I know you're listening). My next post will be a handy video explaining what a reader is and how to use it.

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