26 November 2007

Difficult nights happen

This week, for FHE, we talked about the Golden Rule. At least, we tried to talk about it. It was difficult to get the kids settled down to listen to the lesson. They were fighting over Abigail's birthday present - a box of rings. Neither would listen. Collette ended up crying. In this case, I think Abigail noticed how annoyed Mom & especially Dad were getting. At one point, she said she wanted to sit down and listen (while shoving her sister to the floor).

I'm not describing it well, but know both Laura and I wanted to lock the kids outside for a little bit. It got that stressful. Of course, we didn't. I wasn't really into the lesson much because of how upset I was with the kids. Let's just say it was a less effective FHE.

Just wanted to share that some moments are tough. I love my children. I'm a little embarassed that I can't be the perfect Dad who calmly handles every difficult situation. It's something I have to work on constantly or else it feels like I'm the worst parent ever - which just makes me feel bad.

That's a major part of my life that's under construction...

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