17 January 2011

MLK Day 2011

We had a busy day that started with projects and cleaning. I've been working on stripping and repainting the sink cabinet in our downstairs bathroom, while Laura spent the morning triaging the rest of the house. Because of the busy day Friday, Laura was unable to have Friday Funday, as usual. So, we decided to take the kids to Build-a-Bear to get some outfits for their stuffed animals, making it Monday Funday!

In the afternoon, we had a lovely visit from Julia and Lily. It's fun to see how much Lily & Ben love to play together. We chatted with Liz how competitive Julia is, and, now that another student in her class is riding her bike, Julia is determined to ride hers too.

Well, we haven't spent too much time working with the girls on their bikes. We took the training wheels off over the summer. The few times I've worked with them, they clearly have the basics down, but once I let go, they would waver and fall. Not today. Both Abigail and Collette were stupendous on their bikes. Abigail got tired in a hurry, but it was tough to get Collette to come inside. She was especially good at starting, stopping, U-turns, and weaving. Abigail didn't miss a beat with her riding either, knowing just the right way to fall off her bike. We're very proud of them. As suggested, I think letting them ride more on their scooters helped them get the right balance to make bicycles a cinch.

Finally, we had our lesson for Family Home Evening about the holiday today. School prepared them well, as both the girls were able to talk about the things Dr. King had done for society. We discussed how there are two major organizations which we participate in: Church and government. And how, because we have purpose in loving others as discussed in Church, we have the opportunity to express that love as we help shape our government and society as a whole. We then watched and talked about the meaning of his famous I Have a Dream speech. It was a good lesson that we topped off with hot chocolate.


  1. Why didn't we think to use the holiday as FHE subject matter? I'm impressed you used the actual speech, too.

    As for the bikes, this post has given me a little more courage to start the seemingly daunting task with my own boys. For the first time, Bennett asked to have his training wheels taken off, although I've felt like we needed to do it for a long time, and I kind of hemmed and hawed since I don't want to start. Good to hear all the scootering helps with balance, however. Your girls look so proud and happy on their bikes!

  2. Julianne - just go for it. We've had the training wheels off for months. When we tried months ago, I knew the girls could do it. They just didn't have the confidence to go it alone.

  3. Hooray for Abigail and Collette!
    We had fun today watching them ride their bikes :)