17 October 2010

Hawaii Day 4: Day of Rest

Sunday we had a free day...one of the last we would get. So, we wanted to do as much as possible and yet, not be rushed for anything. I think we accomplished it well. We started our day with a quick video chat with our kids and then off to church in Hawaii. Joel and I both thought there was only one temple for Hawaii on Oahu but it turns out, there's one just 10 minutes from our hotel in Kona. There's, of course, a chapel right next door. We stayed for Sacrament and Sunday school and then took off to start the rest of our day. But before we left, we took a couple shots of the temple:

After church we headed up to the Costco. I know, big deal, right? But I LOVE Costco. I just do. So we looked around, got a couple things and got some lunch there to bring to the beach with us. Also, while at Costco, we picked up a pretty nice under water digital camera. We were pretty excited to try it out but didn't happen at this beach-- had to charge the battery first :( We were headed to the best beach spot (so we heard) around. Hawaii is such a "new" island that it doesn't have the super nice white sandy beaches everywhere like other islands. It's a lot of lava rock at the beaches. So, to find a nice white sandy beach that is fairly accessible is a nice find. And it was such a great place to swim and spend a few hours. The beach was busy--after all it was a Sunday-- but even still it wasn't overcrowded by any means.

Here's the view from the car driving up

Here's a pretty great shot of the water and the activity of the beach

And it's too bad we don't know this kid with the boogie board. Pretty good shot, Joel! (seriously, feel free to click on that shot)

After a nice day at the beach, we tried to catch the last few innings of the Giants against the Phillies game. So we stopped off for some appetizers and one of the few dissappointing games the Giants had. But, no worries, we went on TO WIN IT ALL. To top off our day we came home to watch yet another great sunset. This is why I just love our hotel. We were sitting in the hotel lobby while watching this and taking pictures. I also was talking on the phone to my girls which made watching the sunset even better. Sweetness all around!

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